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Moisture Intense Skin Repair | Boosts Elasticity | Firming | Skin Tone Corrector


This miracle moisturising night cream delivers age-defying benefits overnight when the skin is already in repair mode. A powerful blend of cold-pressed Avocado, Rosehip, Carrot and Apricot Kernel oils together with pure extracts of Centella, Cistus and Rosewood, it works to balance out skin tone, increase elasticity and stimulate new collagen growth, while also protecting and repairing skin from free radical damage. In the morning, skin emerges replenished, revitalised, dewy, even-toned and plump with moisture.

Those with dry or dehydrated skin can also use this deeply nourishing cream during the day.

Sodashi Nourishing Repair Treatment

  • Repairs skin damage and maintains healthy skin functions.

    Reduces visible signs of aging and dry skin lines.

    Stimulates collagen formation, resulting in firmer and suppler skin.

    Super rich in vitamins and minerals to reinforce the skin naturally and strengthen and repair environmentally damaged skin.

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