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Digestive Fire kindles the sacred flame within. Awakening the wisdom of the body, promoting optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients and energy. This complex and balanced formula nourishes and stimulates the digestive organs, igniting a transformative journey of vibrant well-being through optimal gut health.

Enki Digestive Fire Supportive Tonic 50ml

  • *Angelica root, *Yellow Dock, *Juniper, *Barberry Root, *Chamomile, *Cured Orange Peel, *Fennel seed, *Liquorice root, *Anise (Pimpinella anisum), *Local Honey, *Cane Spirit, Daylesford Artesian Spring Water.

    *Certified Organic

  • One full dropper (15-20 drops) AM & PM.

    Add to cacao or your favourite ritual beverage.

    Closed eyes. Drop in.

    Note: Taking directly under the tongue can be an strong experience for some.

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