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0.4% encapsulated retinol plus gentle exfoliating peptides.


  • Encapsulated retinol combined with gentle, acid free exfoliating peptide technology

  • Refines skin texture with synergistic acid-free exfoliation

  • Increases the rate of cell renewal for a more youthful glow

  • Reduces the appearance of uneven skin tone and sun damage

  • Reduces breakouts and congestion by reducing excess oil

  • Stimulates collagen to minimise fine lines and wrinkles

  • BHT and BHA free


A step up from your entry-level vitamin A serum (Ultimate A), this powerful serum combines stable, controlled-release retinol and acid-free resurfacing peptide technology to amplify the skin's rejuvenating effects without adding acids.


Delivering a potent dose of 0.4% encapsulated retinol, this formulation reduces the appearance of fine lines, minimises excess oil, balances uneven skin tone, and gently exfoliates to optimise skin cell turnover for clearer, smoother, and more youthful skin.

Synergie RetiFol Exfoliating Retinol