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Wana chat? Us too. We love a good ol’ yarn but we also love to listen. So pull up a (denim-covered) chair and take a seat as we guide you through a skin-by-skin consult where you can voice your concerns over some hot herbal tea. It may not be your birthday but you can even cry if you want to.


In case you don’t have psychic skin powers, don’t fret. We do (well kind of). This is your opportunity to lay down one on one with us and divulge your deepest, darkest skin secrets – no leather brown lounges in sight. An in-depth and highly thorough assessment of your skin’s  health including the factors that may be impacting it such as lifestyle, toxins and environmental influences. Your skin is the body’s largest organ, but also the last organ to receive nutrients (see we do know we’re talking about), thus its internal care is imperative. But knowing what to put on your skin can be most confusing with such an overwhelming amount of beauty banter out there. Our detailed treatment plan, including deficiencies your skin may be reflecting, is just what you need to get your skin positively sexy again (without the stress).

30 mins / $69
And for those of you donning a white dress in the near future , let us help. We will create a program to give you the best skin of your life! We will get you preened, primped and perfectly turned out for your big day. Bridezillas welcome.

*Achieving your ‘Best Bride Skin’ takes some time and preparation by incorporating good home care and tailored skin treatments 3-6 months prior to the ‘I do’. With the stress often hitting crisis levels, you will receive a months supply of Lypospheric Vit C (valued $69) to stimulate collagen from the inside out and support the body from fatigue – no pre-wedding burnout or runaway brides here!

30 mins / $89

Because after you’ve learnt how to treat what yo’ mama gave you – why not treat yourself. Add on one of our express facials. Yes, please.

60 mins / $129


Don’t be a Beauty School Dropout. It’s time to pop on your study hats and go back to school with us – skin style. This is an educational, upbeat and hands on learning experience where you and your gal pals will grasp the knowledge of basic grooming, how to look after yourself holistically and the inextricable link between hormones, diet, lifestyle and skin. Ugh – it’s tough being a girl – knowing what to put on your face or inside your belly can been overwhelming, sweeping and stifling. So we’re here to strip down the superfluous skincare products and simplify your skincare regime. All aboard the beauty sailboat. This is your graduation day.