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Face the day

Tailor Made

You. Yes, you. Ever felt like facials are more about the us than the you? Well you’re in (skin) luck. Our most popular facial (seriously, all the cool kids are doing it) is tailor made to your face, your skin, your concerns, YOU. A clever combination of varied techniques and custom blended products from Sodashi, MV Organics, Maryse, Sans Ceuticals, O Cosmedics and NIOD, this deeply relaxing and oh so blissful facial will have your skin singing its praises. Skin hi-fives all round.

45 mins from / $130 - $155

60 mins from / $160 - $185

75 mins from / $185 - $205

Tailor Made +


What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a holistic way of finding and correcting imbalances in the body. Using the art of muscle testing or bio feedback testing to detect where there is mental, emotional or physical health imbalance.

A bespoke treatment incorporating all aspects of body, mind and soul. Merging techniques drawn from craniosacral therapy, kinesiology and remedial facial massage.

Using crystals and Australian bush flower essences alongside stimulating acupressure points and balancing meridian lines. To allow for deep relaxation, healing and clarity beyond the skin.


90 mins from / $235

Thermal Infusing

This is like Namaste for your face. With an intensive boost of a vast array of vitamins and minerals, Sodashi’s exclusive Thermal Infusing facial uses the sensation of warmth to further penetrate the nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin. Inclusive of deep facial cleansing, an aromatic warm compress and a specialised facial massage. This facial eschews some serious “Wow Factor”, perfect for those with upcoming events or simply a case of sad, dull skin. Warning; severe happiness / elation / joy / smiles may ensue.

90 mins from / $210 - $235

East Meets West

Gua Sha Facial

Work it, stretch it, get that blood flowing… But for your Face.
Combining the power of ancient Chinese medicine massage technique – Gua Sha with western skincare savviness.
A must for dull lacklustre or ageing sagging skin in need of a massive shakeup. This is an all about massage type facial to get your complexion rejuvenated and the feeling of getting your face mojo back. Using a jade stone and pressure point massage to open up energy meridians and releasing muscular kinks on the face and neck.
Added with a deep infusion of Vitamin C and an antioxidant-rich firming mask. Your face and skin will feel like it’s been awakened, sculpted and a layer has been lifted off.
That coveted healthy dewy glow will definitely be shining through.

90 mins from / $235 -$255

Facial Sculpting

Buccal Facial

Revitalise and invigorate your face by targeting underlying facial muscles, facial structure and lymphatic system for a renewed glow.

The series of massage movements creates space and openness in the muscles, bones and fascia helping to relax your face, neck and nervous system as well as lift, tone and plump the skin.

The focus is deeply massaging the different layers of muscle tissues.  The treatment features the famous BUCCAL technique (inside the mouth massage) to release tension and stimulate blood flow and movement.  This treatment helps to alleviate TMJ problems and jaw tension as well as reducing a double chin and puffiness by stimulating drainage of stagnant fluids.

The aim of the treatment is not only to improve the overall appearance of your face but also bring about a deep state of relaxation, so you truly glow from the inside out.

Incorporating lymphatic drainage, breathwork, neck and scalp massage. Your skin will be singing with radiance and your mind and body floating with bliss.

90 mins/ $355

Add to your Facial


Microcurrent uses a low-level current that mirrors our bodies own natural current. It can help with facial stimulation by sending gentle waves through the skin right down to our muscles, being so gentle that most clients feel nothing at all. 

Microcurrent is one of the best ways to increase ATP production. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) provides the energy for our cells to heal and repair, as well as help, produce proteins like collagen and elastin. All essential in the anti-ageing battle.  

Just like the muscles in our body need regular exercise to stay toned and strong, so do the muscles in our face. Microcurrent is a direct exercise for these muscles, giving that toned and lifted appearance.

15 mins / $50

For best results, we recommend 5 sessions within 1-2 weeks of each other. After your initial treatment, we offer 5 x 30 minute treatments for $450.

Pat On The Back

We all love one. A good ol’ pat on the back is just what the doctor (or skin specialist) ordered. Carrying the weight of the world is quite a feat, so the time is now to treat your back to a facial. We use enzyme based products to help smooth, tone and decongest the skin on your back, shoulder and arms, complete with clay mask, extractions and a mini massage (yippee!). Perfect for those with a penchant for downward dog (or savasana), an athletic inclination to get sweaty or a nasty case of “backne” (eek!). Because, why do our faces get to have all the fun?

30 mins/ $85

45 mins/ $110


Arvigo Abdominal &

Chakra Balancing

Back Massage

 Feeling like you need to unblock your gut or is your body not feeling aligned and inflow? If you are doing all   the right things with your skin, but have digestive or hormonal issues that you just can’t budge and feel like   your going round in circles. Then this gentle Mayan massage could be the key to get you flowing. Arvigo is   an ancient Mayan holistic abdominal massage treatment that delves a little deeper on where you are   holding blockages in your abdomen, after all, we hold a whole lot of our emotions in our tummy. Think   excited butterflies, anxiousness and most of our other emotions are mainly felt here. It is also a vital system   to process and eliminate our excess hormones. This treatment gently releases tension and blockages to   create flow. Combined with a ‘Chakra’ balancing back massage to integrate flow to your nervous system.   You will feel calmer, grounded and a “sense” of lightness and awakening in the body.

 Initial Consult Appointment

      90 mins/ $220

 Ongoing Appointments

      75 mins/ $185

Child Arvigo Appointment

     40 mins/ $95.50

Deep Tissue


 A deeply stimulating massage addresses knots, problematic aches & pains and will get into all of your   nooks and crannies! This customised treatment will be tailored to focus on your concerns and is great for   people with chronic tension in their back or other areas. We aim to find the root of the discomfort and work   it out of the tissue with this intensive session. This style may utilise trigger point release techniques and is   most suited to the regular massage goer. Maybe not for those that want to totally bliss out - this is a butt-   busting work-out for your tension!

60mins/ $130

75mins/ $150

90mins/ $170

Add to your Massage

Tui Na/Chinese Cupping

 For a full body detox and stimulation: think immune and thyroid boost at its best. Ideal if you’ve been   unwell, flat or suffering the post-lethargic drain from the ‘spicy cough’.   

 15mins/ $35

Yoni Steam

 Yes… a yoni steam. It’s a real thing!!  These are great from endo, PCOS, a lack in mojo, and postpartum.   

 25mins/ $40


Scrub up


Put your best foot forward – or pedi for that matter. They carry you around every day, time to give those feet some fancy foot love. Let your toes do the talking (or dancing) with one our signature pedicures – first off your tootsies will soak in a warm milk bath, followed by an exfoliation using ultra-fine bamboo granules, cuticles are treated and rough heels are buffed silky smooth. Feet are expertly cocooned in a vitamin-rich oil then finished with a firm pressure point massage. Toes are then treated to some fly Miss Frou Frou polish. Trust us, your paws will leave happy.

60 mins/ $102


Eyebrow tidy

Eyebrow shape (for fuller brows)

Brow tint

Eyebrow tint & tidy

Eyebrow tint & shape

Lash tint

The whole shebang

15mins/ $30



15mins/ $40


25mins/ $43

45mins/ $75

Wax on wax off!

Lip or Chin

1/2 Arm

Full Arm

1/2 Leg

Full Leg




Brazilian – ongoing

Brazilian (1st time or more

than 6 weeks)

15mins/ $24

15mins/ $35

30mins/ $47

30mins/ $45

45mins/ $64

15mins/ $32

15mins/ $40

30mins/ $54

30mins/ $64

45mins/ $85

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