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Why You'll Love It!

A fusion of skin loving therapy and nurturing self-care.

An opportunity to come dynamically back to present, and when infused with consciousness and inner stillness becomes an unforgettable and powerful ritual to return a clear complexion and an enviable glow. A wonderful mineral drink from the outside in, this award-winning mask made from the world's most refined white clay will soothe and soften to transform your skin in the most gentle way possible.

MV Signature Mineral Mask Ritual

  • Softening, balancing, and refining skin tone. An inspiring way to express self-care through ritual.

    2 tsp per use = 17 uses

  • 100g Signature Mineral Mask Tin
    Handmade Ceramic Mixing Cup
    Vegan Mask Brush
    Compress Cleansing Cloth
    Mask Ritual - instruction card