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Boosting up on antioxidants in your skincare, food and supplements is one of the best ways the skin and body defends itself from free radicals.

what are free radicals? Free radicals are oxidative stresses that causes cell damage and eat up skin supporting fibres collagen and elastin to breakdown and deplete. which leads to the skin wrinkling and premature ageing.

Free radicals are caused by environmental and internal stresses. Such as smoke, pollution, too much sun exposure, unhealthy lifestyle/diet and stress.

Antioxidants react with free radicals and neutralise them and they also stop them from continuing to cause more damage and more free radical creation.

And as we grow older the production of free radicals over powers our antioxidant system and we eat badly and expose ourselves to environmental and life stresses, this process speeds up.

With the weather getting warmer, this means more time out in the sun and let’s be honest gets us in the mood for drinking 😏

 By boosting up our antioxidants intake, it will help counteract, strengthen and protect our skin from summer oxidative stresses.

Our favourite antioxidant in skincare and supplement is Vitamin C – one of the most powerful antioxidant. Increases the production of collagen and also involved with preventing the breakdown of it.

NIOD Vitamin C serum

Skincare – Best as a serum to promote  skin healing, prevent pigmentation and overall skin brightening.

Internal supplement – Also promotes healing in the skin, boost collagen production and reduces inflammation in the body.

Our fave antioxidant boosters for Spring

Olive Leaf Extract – antioxidant rich, also helps with skin inflammation, repair damage and nourish the skin. Also helps to slow the production of melanin and stop your skin tissue from breaking down. That means that your healthy skin cells stay healthy for longer, even when exposed to the sun. 

Biologi BQK morning serum – containing a whole lot of Vitamin C from Australian native Kakadu Plum. Helps protects skin against oxidative pollutants (eg sun damage, pollution, stress) and helps improve skin elasticity and collagen production 

Biologi BQK Evening serum – contains a storehouse of antioxidants from another Australian native Quandong. To help reduce skin pigmentation, redness and uneven tone. Also helping boost skin hydration and promote healing 

Orgaid Revitalising Vitamin C sheet masks – get that instant Vitamin C hit plus an extra boost of hydration from these awesome once a week sheet masks